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photography classes (in French) at AVF Honfleur
Photography classes (in French) every other Thursday at 5.30 p.m. in AVF Honfleur premises, 13 rue Charrière Saint Léonard, 14600 Honfleur

Important information following uncredited use of my photographs
Some of my photographs have been improperly credited. Please note that the loan at no charge of my work is subject to the following conditions:

Images are and shall remain the sole property of Stéfan who may use such without let or hindrance.

Where said images are loaned at no charge, the recipient acknowledges that s/he has absolutely no rights (copyright or other) over them.

Accordingly, it is strictly forbidden to:
  • Claim or allege to be the photographer or editor of said images by any means either explicitly or implicitly
  • Conceal, modify or delete the “© Stéfan Fletcher all rights reserved” watermark on pictures
  • Neglect to include the mandatory photo credit: “Stéfan Fletcher” on or near images posted on the Internet or reproduced by any other means if the watermark above is not visible
  • Crop images or modify their proportions
  • Change the hue, colour or any other visual component of the images
  • Add any other visual component (text, line, etc.) to the images without first obtaining the photographer’s written consent
  • Include one or more images created by the photographer in a document without first obtaining the photographer’s written consent.
The requirements stated above apply in total and without exception for the entire term (duration) of the loan of images by the photographer. The photographer is entitled to demand immediate withdrawal from view of all loaned images in the event that the recipient fails to comply with any one of the above, notwithstanding any other legal action at his disposal.

Oedipus in Colonus
As one of the series of events organised by the N.D. de Grestain abbey, the final Theban play by Sophocles, Oedipus in Colonus (directed by Jean-Christophe Blondel), uses a new French translation by Nicolas Wapler to savour the emotional depth and poetry of this great work. Performances in early July / mid-August.

New sub-section: events

The "galleries" section now features a sub-section called "events" for commercial work. You must have an ID and password to view the relevant images, which I will issue. If you forget your ID and login, please contact me via e-mail ( or mobile.

A DVD of printable images from these events will be deposited at Hemera Image Studio 121, 121 cours Gimon, 13300 Salon-de-Provence, tel. + 33 (0)4 90 56 66 22. I have no commercial relations with this company other than very pleasant conversations with its director. There is no mark-up on Hemera prints and I am not paid any commission. I selected Hemera Image for its quality of service and reliability.

13/04/12 - site is on line

The site is finally on line. Sorry for any bizarre inconsistencies you might spot in the days (and months) to come. This is definitely work in progress and I'll do my best to improve it promptly. In the meantime, feel free to share your comments.